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This is a free way to generate guaranteed traffic to your website but the quality of the traffic isn't anything to get excited about. TrafficG requires you to visit other member sites and in exchange, other members will visit your site. The obvious problem here is that members are likely to be visiting your site in order to earn visits to their own site. The chances of them buying your products are slim. If your site is webmaster based then you stand far more chance of getting something out of TrafficG.

UK Banners
This is a UK-specific banner exchange service. It's simple to join and start getting free traffic almost immediately. It works by allowing you to advertise your website via a banner. Your banner will be displayed on the websites of other members of UK Banners. In exchange, you will show their banners on your own site. UK Banners is free to join and use. Your 'payment' for using the service is that you'll earn four impressions credits for every five banners that are shown on your own site.

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