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ABestWeb claims to be the world's largest affiliate marketing forum and the place does seem to be quite busy. ABestWeb caters for all experience levels from affiliate newbies to experts. There are plenty of different forums and many industry-specific boards. Worth a look.

Article Dashboard
Article Dashboard is a directory of articles. You can either use the free articles from their site to add new content on your website or you can instead write your own articles and submit them to Article Dashboard. Your articles can have up to three links in the article's 'resource box' and these will link to your own site(s).

The easiest way to describe Buzzle is to call it a directory of articles. Many people visit Buzzle to use their free articles as content on websites and there's much to be said for doing this. However, by far the best way to use Buzzle is to write your own articles and submit them to the directory. If you can write interesting, unique articles then other webmasters will use your article as content on their own sites. When you bear in mind that each article you submit to Buzzle can include a link to your own website, you start to see the potential for driving new traffic to your own site. It's also a great way to generate new backlinks.

Open PR
Press releases can be a great way to drive traffic to your site but many PR sites require fees to submit to them. Open PR is a completely free resource where you can submit up to three press releases daily. The site also has useful information about how to write and structure your press releases.

YMLP (Your Mailing List Provider) is an excellent tool for sending out newsletters to your subscribers. E-mail newsletters are without doubt one of the most effective and profitable marketing tools you will ever use. We have used YMLP ourselves and found them to be excellent. It's all done via their website - there's no software to download - and prices are very competitive, usually costing just a few quid a month. There's even a free version you can use to send out newsletters to a small number of subscribers.

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